Over the weekend I visited and donated to a wonderful animal rescue center in Akumal near where I’m living in the Mexican Caribbean. They are helping animals rehab to be released.

I went with a bunch of ex-pat friends and locals to the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary and Rescue Center.

I found it extremely meaningful for me.

One monkey smoked cigrattes 8 hours a day for tourists to take photos with. And lived in a box the rest of the day. He was being rehabbed with another monkey to teach him how to be a monkey since he hadn’t even seen another monkey his whole life.

They will both be released back to the wild once they were a family and could take care of themselves.

I found their work to be heartwarming. I’m blessed to be able to help them.

I used to think just being happy was the meaning of life.

And yes being happy most of the time is much better than everything sucking all the time. And being happy is a good goal but it isn’t everything because it’s not realistic to be happy all the time.

I’ve found feeling meaning is the ultimate high.  Everything trickles or more like floods on down to everything else.

  • When my life is meaningful then I’m happy.
  • When my life is meaningful I’m making money.
  • When my life is meaningful I’m making things happen.
  • Feeling meaningful drives me.

I can be doing things I’m not comfortable with when it’s being driven by being meaningful.

Do what is meaningful for you. I promise when you get that right everything flows.