I’m just back from a business trip to Miami and The Florida Keys and the contrast between even the Keys and where I live in Mexico is huge.

The sheer amount of waste I saw in Florida is astounding. People leaving their multiple computer monitors setup running 24 hours a day.

The sheer amount of stores full of products. Where do people put all this stuff?

The line to a restaurant was 30 minutes. Waiting to get into a restaurant feels very odd to me. Waiting for food to be be custom made I’m happy about, but being so busy that it takes 30 minutes to order seems like a waste of time.

Rush hour like I don’t remember ever. I don’t own a car and don’t have any type of daily commute. Seeing everyone rush to and from work seems odd to me now.

Everyone is rushing to get somewhere and yet too busy to live life.

Because I’m an Expat, living in México and then having a seizure in mid 2019; I’ve slowed down a lot.

And I’m feeling like I’m finally living life. I’m focused and know what I want to spend my huge amounts of time on.

I’m not rushed.

In fact, I have to fill in my day with stuff to do. By the way, big fan of audiobooks.

I have more time to do things that matter to me than most all of the people in First World countries or world, because I’m not rushing. Instead I’m enjoying writing my next book, working out in my pool or ocean, talking to my friends, listening to an audiobook, checking out the latest music, and hanging out with the love of my life.