I made a recent business trip to Miami Florida to help review venues for my loves future retreat.


We got to visit some friends of ours that live in Miami and on a bunch of dolphins centers around the world.


Here I am in their home office in front of a painting of Dolphins.

Christopher Sherrod in front of a heart chakra dolphin painting

My love Nan Akasha with our friend Donna.

Donna’s husband is definitely the tech head of the couple.

After a nice visit with friends we were off to the resort. The drive from South Miami to the resort was about 2 1/2 hours and a good 90 minutes of that is gorgeous ocean and islands.

Drive down the Florida Keys was pretty.

We drove down to Hawks Cay Resort where we stayed for two nights while we reviewed Dolphin Connection for a future dolphin meditation retreat my love is planning.

Made it to the resort in time for sunset from our balcony.

The next day after a good breakfast we made it over down to the dolphin Center to meet the staff and the six dolphins that they have. For males and two females.

We got to observe the Dolphins getting their daily health check

This was my first modeling opportunity. I got the model a very advanced brain scan technology that is being used with dolphins. It’s so high-tech I’m not sure how to explain it more than that. But it helps people understand their brain better, heal your brain and make it smarter.

Advanced brain tech with a dolphin

Happy dolphin ready to play

Nan with her favorite dolphin out of the group

The kind staff even arranged a group photo of us and two dolphins

Great staff at Dolphin Connection

Resort food was good

They have the Impossible Burger. Vegan food at an American Resort is a real thing now.

Had to have lunch on the way back to Miami at Lazy Days. You eat right on the water.