I spent the month of August in Merida Yucatan Mexico. It wasn’t planned but my last house rental in nearby Progreso wasn’t working out so we decided to move early and try out Merida.

Merida is older than the US and even the oldest town in the US, as long as you ignore the millions of Native Americans before Columbus invaded America (sorry for the rant I’m part Cherokee).

Merida was built on top of an exisiting Maya town back in the 1500’s.

Merida centro is colonia style, like older parts of Europe. There are no front lawns, haciendas go from sidewalk and use the entire lot. With big courtyard walls in the back. And there are a lot of squares for open space.

Church near main square in Merida
View from main square
The Friday Night Cathedral Video Protection show at 8pm is awesome. I’ve seen it twice and want to go back. A must see.
Another square with the famous Yucatan love chairs you see everywhere. I can attest that they are very romantic, had a couple of make out sessions with my love when we saw one free.
I loved the look of this hotel lobby. Gran Hotel.
And yes there is a Starbucks in Merida Centro next to Gran Hotel.
Loved this cafe a short walk from the main square. Super nice people.
Cafe con creama I think is better than than cappuccino
Also not to miss is the Sunday morning walk down the Malceon from Rosasa y Xholoate. Meridans come out with the dogs and bicycles and stroll up and down the main road that is closed off just for this every Sunday morning. I like to arrive at 9am and have a great breakfast and people watch.
I popped into a small cafe for breakfast and was charmed by the for sale art on the walls.
Slow Food Market is every Saturday from 9am to 12pm and this is my weekly purchases. Great prices too.
Me and my honey went out for Italian near the main square. My vegetarian lasagna was very good.
Ate right on this pedestrian only walk way. It was lovely.
Saw a couple of friends from Playa del Carmen when I use to live her. One not pictured told us about Merida and we moved here another (pictured) Jason came to check out Merida and just told me he’s moved here. Congrats Jason, we love it here.
My hacienda month rental. I was in this pool for many hours everyday. More than the living room.
Our pool had two palm trees and this was the first week of coconuts that feel from them. It grew to be four times as many.
I planted one of the coconuts and am now growing my first palm tree.
I mainly came to get some medical tests done. Here is one of several I went through. Merida is one of the best places in the medical field in the world because the medical industry is so old here. Older than the USA.
I bought a guitar from a kid (and his mom) off of Facebook Marketplace (best place to buy second-hand stuff in Mexico) for $600 Mexican Pesos which is about $30 US. Guitar sounds great and is in good condition plus it’s made in Mexico.
Not as much street art as Playa del Carmen. This was the favorite I saw while walking around.