I joined another mastermind group a month ago. So I am now in two mastermind groups.

Bill Hibbler who wrote Meet and Grow Rich the Mastermind meeting bible told me a couple of months ago that he is in three so I don’t feel like I’m overdoing it.

What I’ve found real helpful and has given me a lot of motivation in my new group is our mastermind blog. We post what we have accomplished day by day. Just that is really keeping me on track. I want to share with my group what I’ve gotten done day by day. The blog is a great tool for between mastermind meeting.

You can get your own blog for free at WordPress, Blogger, or TypePad.

Make the blog private so no one besides your group can see it. I have my blog professional hosted at my own domain name (TheProsperityGuy.com) but for your Mastermind blog one of the above free blog sites is good because only your group members are going to visit it.