IMG_2697I’ve enjoyed visiting Paris. It is truly lovely here.

Technically London is better but I love Paris more. It is so artistic here. Romantic.

I can’t remember the amount of couples “making out” everywhere. The metro, under the Eiffel Tower, parks, and even street corners. People here expect it. It’s normal to express your love. A lesson many should understand outside France. I didn’t see one couple other me and Nacny doing that in London. Yes, Paris is special and very different from England. England has so many camera and sends tickets to you in the mail it is like Big Brother. Paris has the attitude like America. Free. I thought America would be like England and I’m so wrong. America is like France except for all nude art and statues and attitudes.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower. Even got to have a romantic picnic under it the other night with my love Nancy. Wine and the lights of the Eiffel Tower were very nice. I highly recommend it.

The stained glass and atmospherics of Notre Dame is amazing. I thought what I was seeing was computer generated it was so unreal. I was awestruck which doesn’t happen to me a lot.

The Louvre is the best museum. I thought the British Museum was good. But the Louvre is awesome. Everything in it is so amazing. I found it funny that one of the smallest painting in it has it’s own wall and security guards. The “Mona Lisa” is the most famous piece there. On the opposite wall a very huge painting that you can stand right in front of. But, the “Mona Lisa” you can only get within a few feet of. Just amazing. It doesn’t matter the size of the art work but the story, the person, the quality that is important.

The real Paris is in the cafes and lifestyle that people enjoy. There is no stress. There is only life. It’s a good life, full of art and the art of living. People spend a lot of money learning how to enjoy life when all the have to do is come and stay in Paris for a while. Montmartrenet is the real paris for me. A great village inside Paris.

My three weeks here is almost over and I already miss it. I will be coming back. I will never forget this trip. And doing it all my Love Nancy has truly been wonderful.

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