I’m listened to part of Rhonda’s Kids Awakening and I’m loving it.

I thought I would never have kids.  I do now with my girlfriend, she has two 11 year old twin girls.  So, I’ve needed some guidance on how to deal with kids.  Kids Awakening has been helpful the last two weeks for me as they are going into Junior High School.

I loved the statement “be aware” instead of telling your kids “be careful”.  A slight change in verbage but a big change in attitude.

Law of attraction for kids

Not making some things taboo and just telling your kids what the consequences are for some things.  They have a choice in their life, you just need to teach them what can happen.

The interview with Lisa about video games helped me right now dealing with the twins and day 5 of summer vacation.

If you have kids or interact with kids Kids Awakening is a super resource to have.  I can’t wait to listen to more.

Law of attraction for kids