I’ve got some emails from people on my list who think my blog post about my opinion that the Occupy Movement is a complete failure is the worst thing I’ve ever written and that I’m heartless.

They automatically think I’m against the Movement and that I’m heartless.

Since I focus on helping heart conscious leaders make money online, this is an insult to me, and one that doesn’t bother me at all.

I still totally think that the movement is an utter disaster.

With no leader (name one) that talks to the press and no clear demands that the group wants changed is a recipe for failure.

Just because people in the movement are getting arrested and in the papers and online news doesn’t mean it is working. If anything it is making things worse.

The name of the cause isn’t helpful either. The 99 Percent Movement is better. Occupy just sounds too much like what homeless people do.

I think there are a bunch of concerned citizens and some even have a good point. But it isn’t been made due to lack of a leader or even a spokesperson. Negotiations with the mayor of New York City broke down because the people representing Occupy Wall Street didn’t have the authority to do anything. People within the movement don’t trust each other.

Now the Movement got a little violent and the police are treating them harshly. What happened at UC Berkeley is just plain wrong.

But the public opinion isn’t on the side of the Movement because they have failed at saying what they are about. A leader, a true leader could turn that around.

A leader that would tell the people within the Movement to not do anything at all that would even slightly look illegal could turn things around. But, time is running out.

So, am I an heartless ant-Occupy asshole?

No. I only work with heart conscious leaders period. I am against the current Occupy Movement because there is no leader and no clear message. I’m against it also because it is making things worse, not better. And because the Movement is not heart conscious at all.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a big bank isn’t secretly helping the Movement because long term the Movement acting this way is just going to make a real cause not viable.

If I was the national recognized leader that could help the Movement I would. If I had a client in this niche that could I would beg them to stand up and I would help them for free to fix it. But, I don’t.

If one shows up that can focus on a very clear message I may change my mind about the Movement

I wrote these blogs posts because I wanted to help people see why it isn’t working.

If you don’t like debate or opinions then don’t read my blog and definitely don’t be on my email list.

I’m deep into helping heart conscious leaders be successful, but I don’t just hug trees and pretend that will actually solve issues. Reality and good solid marketing are needed to be successful and get real results. The Occupy Movement is failing at that.