People ask me “How can I be prosperous?”

Well there are three things you can do:

1. Hang out with prosperous minded people
Hand out with truly prosperous minded people. Most all networking functions and clubs are not full of prosperous minded people. I’ve found that most networking functions are full of starving people selling to starving people. So skip those types of functions. Instead go to places that prosperous minded people go. Conferences, workshops, real estate groups, poshy clubs, golf courses (nice ones mind you), cigar clubs…I think you get the idea.

2. Read about prosperous minded people

Read autobiographies of prosperous minded people, articles, and blogs.

3. Be prosperous

Don’t be cheap. If you have an idea for a friend tell them even if you won’t make any money. When ever I have an idea I write it down. I can’t do all of them. You can also partner with people on ideas. I’ve seen people with an idea partner with someone that had the money and everyone has a part. Now if you are broke don’t think you can’t be prosperous. I’ve meet many people that were absolute broke but were prosperous minded. It is just a matter of time before those people are prosperous.