We had a couple of real estate deals close recently. We gave gifts to the buyer, seller and closer. People love gifts. If you have a deal work smoothly then give a gift to the people involved. You will be amazed at how people react to getting a gift. One closer was excited and amazed that I was giving her an hour massage and my favorite spa. Another closer was lukewarm. She has a problem accepting gifts. The buyer and sellers were very happy on having the deal done and the gifts they got gave them a smile. Doing business with me is fun. You make money, we make money and you get a nice surprise gift.

I like to tie it to production or a deal. We pay a small percentage out for gifts. I don’t want to be seen as bribing people. I give them after a deal has paid and I don’t promise them or talk about them at all beforehand. Once it has paid I visit the people I can and personally give it to them. Others I send it with a personal hand written note.

I want deals to go smoothly and I reward that.