IMG_0776On my trip to London I had no idea that I would manifest seeing one of my all time favorite bands Genesis live in concert. I started really enjoying music with Phil Collins Face Values album which lead to Genesis. I have all there albums numbering 20+. I have there EPs. You name it I have it. So being in London the same day they are is just fantastic. Amazing.

We took the public train to the show. They played in the biggest Rugby stadium in the UK. A huge crowd came to see them play again.

The police here are very nice. They help people. I saw several people that were way past drunk. In the States they would have been arrested. Here they helped them up and make sure they are safe as long as you don’t drive. If you drink and drive you are toast.

I asked one “Bobbie” where the will call window was and after a brief pause he answered me with what they call it here. It’s ticket window by the way.

The crowd was huge. Some huge number of people. My Nan and I’s seats were excellent. Right on the ground in front of the stage. I got some fantastic photos. A truly great concert packed full of my favorite songs. I sang to all the songs. I enjoyed it and had a lovely time.

The ride back on the train was standing room only all the way which after 2.5 hours of standing for the concert my feet were a bit tired. Plus we walked along the Thames all afternoon enjoying the shops and sights. Walked about 6.5 miles and stood for 3.5 hours at the concert and train back.