So many of us are locked down at home for who yet knows how long. And since I’ve been working from home since 1996 and hardly left my home since June 2019 due to a seizure and becoming very sensitive to loud noises, artificial light and electronics, I thought I would share some ways I have fun being at home a vast majority of the time since June 2019.

If you relate to this then you’ll want to read this blog post. We are about to discuss staycation ideas for self-isolation and lockdowns.

  1. Listen to your favorite music – I listen to Disco in the morning after I’m done writing to get the late morning going good. I also enjoy my Apple Music New Music playlist every Friday and explore more from the artists I enjoyed the most. I also love listening to Elton John’s Rocket Hour Radio program every week. Elton is great at highlighting new artists and I love his broad musical taste.
  2. Watch funny movies and shows but also emotional ones to help you processionals your feelings. Stay away from horror ness that helps you process your fears. I’ve had friends that loved horror because it made them appreciate their good life, for me, it just scares me and I have nightmares so I avoid them at all times.
  3. Also, binge watch an entire TV show or your favorite movies series.
  4. Appreciate your home and the objects in it. I bless my home every day. Your home keeps you safe and comforts you. It’s here to help you thru this. I sometimes sit and look at everything in my home and wonder who made what and how good they are at making things that make my life easier.
  5. Brainstorm ways to help others in these trying times. Video call your family and friends and share good news and things you have created. Video helps a lot because it’s like they are right there with you and helps break the isolation. I text my family a lot but also I make sure I do a video call once a week to feel more connected.
  6. Learn something new. You could learn to play an instrument. Or learn a new language.
  7. Take up a hobby. When my seizure in 2019 left me very sensitive to electronics I took up painting. Not being on a computer and doing something with my hands was refreshing.
  8. Word on a side business. Figure out how to make money from something you can do or make.
  9. Write a book. Take that idea you’ve had for years and start writing.
  10. Meditate every day. I use to meditate for 20 minutes a day. Now it’s one to three hours. Meditation helps me not to think about what is happening in the outside world. I find it fun and relaxing.
  11. Play video games, especially online games where you work as a team. Get some buddies and kick some zombie ass. This is not only fun but a huge stress reliever.
  12. Read fiction. Escape to another world, whether that’s a romance, sci-fi or mystery. Reading is a lot of fun for me.
  13. Listen to audiobooks as well
  14. Workout. Get sweaty and let the stress out.
  15. Garden and get your hands dirty. A great way to connect to Mother Earth.
  16. If it’s safe for you to go to a local, state or national park nearby and still maintain your social distance and the authorities in your area allow unnecessary travel then this is a great option to get out in nature. I’m enjoying walking on the beach in front of my beach house.
  17. Board games. I have backgammon for the times my love and I want to have a social chat while playing a game.
  18. Visit virtual museum tours. Make it a big deal. Dress up and have a fancy drink and comment on the art you see. “Wow, that’s a lovely piece.” See CNN’s long list of virtual culture.
  19. Creative date night. Dress up and have fun with it.
  20. Have sex. Had to be said. Probably already doing it. I think we are going to have a baby boom in nine months. Order condoms from Amazon today.


Staycation things to do without leaving your home will help make this self-isolating time many of us are doing much easier. I’m very happy that I’m completely digital and used to being at home for weeks at a time. Even for me, this is going to a challenge and I wrote this list to remind myself of everything I want to do. 

I love my digital business.

I hope these 20 tips help reduce your stress about your self-isolation and you can enjoy your lockdown in style.

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