Hot Seat Format: Each MM member has specific problem solving/planning session whereby members contribute to the Hot Seat person?s needs. One meeting may be devoted to one individual or each individual may have 15-20 minutes in the Hot Seat each meeting. The Hot Seat selects their topic and can prepare and send information in advance.

Topic Format: A topic is chosen for each meeting and members bring in a sample of their work pertaining to the topic. her personnel policy, Vacation/Sick time policy. Job Applications etc. Each member is asked to bring one resource article that they have used previously or to find one article from current reading.

Education Format: The group chooses a book and reads and discusses one topic per month. Can be supplemented with current newspaper and trade and industry magazine articles.

Guest Speaker Format: Each member recruits a speaker for a meeting?s first hour. The second hour is spent discussing the topic and any homework assigned to back up the topic

According to an article I found which I posted under this article, only 11.5% rely solely on the telephone to conduct meetings. Nearly all (91.6%) of the interviewed survey participants indicated that at least part of their Master Mind interactions take place in person. Nearly half (48.2%) of the online survey participants who actively participate in a Master Mind group fall within the category of having 2 to 7 members; the most common number was 4 members, reported by 13.2%. However, a startling 42.6% of online survey respondents reported that their group consisted of 10 or more members, a statistic that leads us to believe that their concept of a Master Mind network differs from the traditional format. The average number of participants in the Mastermind groups of the interviewed business owners was 5 members, a figure closer to the norm.