Virgin AmericaRichard Branson’s Virgin America airline is a tentative go for the USA.

The following article is interesting in how Branson has had to go through to get Virgin America qualified to fly in the USA.

Due to foreign ownership rules in the USA Branson can’t own controling interest. This is a first for Branson. He has airlines in the UK, Australia, and Africa and hasn’t gone through nearly the amount of rules that he has had to do in the USA.

— The low-fare startup could start flights from San Francisco CA to John F. Kennedy International Airport as early as this summer.

— The carrier will hire as many as 3,000 employees.

— The airline, with its headquarters in Burlingame, would be the first national airline based in California.

— The addition of Virgin America helps San Francisco CA increase its flights by discount carriers, including Southwest and JetBlue.

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