[excerpt]First Play Prosperity Games dinner partyMy first Play Prosperity Games dinner was a huge success.

About two dozen new ideas were created. Ideas that are based on what people love. Since the ideas excited each person so much I can’t list them here as they are quickly going out and making it happen. I’ll let you all know when people implement their ideas and come out with them. I can’t wait.[/excerpt]

Here is what a player said about last night.

“The Play Prosperity Game is amazingly inspiring and helpful for creating ideas. It’s a fun and productive way to generate numerous possibilities and unlimited opportunities. – Dottie Goodsun

“Playing Prosperity games was a truly inspiring experience! Not only was it a ton of fun, it was also incredibly powerful. Ideas I NEVER would have conceived of came out and the process was easy. I had as much fun helping others brainstorm their ideas, as I did creating over 5 new ones myself! Play now!” – Nancy Sherman