iPod NanoI love well designed things. I’ve talked about my iPod Nano in the past because it is so well designed that it is a pleasure to use.

Well in the last two weeks I got two more items that I appreciate their design. My new laptop bag has so many nice design features in it that one of my mastermind groups would make fun of it. Timbuk2 laptop bag
But, it truly is well designed. The people at Timbuk2 refined their bags to create truly functional pieces. I love using my laptop bag now and it makes travel a joy.

Monteblanc Starwalker PenI received a wonderful present yesterday. My girlfriend bought me a really nice pen. I’ve been talking about the Montblanc Starwalker pen for months and all the little design features it has. The cap screws off and then screws on the end of the pen while you use it. A great feature I haven’t seen on any other pen. But the best feature I love is the grippy part where you hold the pen. No other pen except the Sensa has a design feature in this area that is so cool.

If you are a designer, design your product to be incredibly easy to use. People like me with appreciate the design elements and ease of use and will pay the premium for such quality.