Do you hate your job?  Many many people do.  It is incredible common.  I use to hate my job.  My quality of work went way way down and people starting noticing and not in a good way.  Fortunately I had a business that took off so I quit before they fired me.  Even if you spent four or five years in college and you find out that as soon as you have a full-time job in your field of choice that you don’t like it, make a change before you get a reputation for sucking.

You spend too much of your life working to settle for a job that does not inspire you. Dissatisfaction leads to apathy, which in turn leads to escapism. When you do not feel engaged in your own life, you find other outlets to help you try to cope. These things could be as innocuous as becoming consumed by the Internet or by playing endless hours of video games, or they could become as serious as drug or alcohol addiction, or heavy gambling.You know you are in danger when you begin engaging in activities that either allows you to forget your responsibilities or that provides a temporary and false sense of well-being. Many people who have become apathetic have fallen into the traps of addiction and errant social behaviors. Make necessary, important changes in your life before you find yourself pulled into that same trap, trying to escape the drudgery of your daily life because you lack inspiration from your work.

Dealing With a Career You Simply Hate