A strong brand gives you credit for what you provide.

I’ve been on the Internet since 1989 when one of my college professors required me to email him my homework. One of the biggest mistakes I made was not setting up my brand online as soon as possible. I helped other people and companies do it after I helped American Express launch on the Internet in the mid 90’s and I even had a company website for my company when I went independent after American Express but I didn’t brand myself.

I didn’t get credit for those many years of being way ahead of the curve of everyone else.

If you don’t have your-name.com right now, get it. If you have it, use it. People buy from people. Get credit for what you are doing.

Now, I’m in many niches so I use AbundanceUnlimited.com for helping experts or people that want to be experts make a difference in the world and help them get their message out. But if you don’t know what you want to do yet use your own name and just go for it. Gather an audience, create your personal brand and if a startup idea with some friends forms create a brand for that. Still maintain your own personal brand. Your startup may not make it, it may fail. No worries, you are still you. You’ll still create more ideas.

Keep each of your brands distinct. Don’t water them down. I would never post about other things I do on AbundanceUnlimited.com unless I knew it tied into it’s brand. I learned that three years ago when I blogged about my trip to France almost on a daily basis. My audience was interested at first because I was still doing business and enjoying France, but after two weeks of daily blog posts about the French sites I was visiting my traffic went down. It would have been better to write one big blog post about the highlights and a lesson of how you too can do the same thing with an online business and some online tools.

If you haven’t started or are stuck and need help defining your brand call me. I’m doing online brand analysis’ now and I can stream line your brand and your product mix. Give me a call at 512-772-2798.

Get credit for what you do by tooting your own horn. Be the person you want to be. Get out there and do it.