I’m chilling in Merida and enjoying the music and culture and got inspired into buying a guitar.

I don’t know how to play a guitar at all. Always been more of a piano guy.

But, I really wanted a guitar just to play with. I may not play it outside my home ever, I don’t know yet. So, I want a used guitar as I could not like it five minutes later.

So I goto Facebook Marketplace and search for guitarra.

I haven’t found eBay México or Craigslist to have any listing, almost none. They are just not used here in Mexico.

Everyone I know in Mexico uses Facebook and Facebook Marketplace is full of various guitars.

I message several asking if it still available and the first one that responded said “Sí”.

I made arrangements to pick it up at a near Starbucks to me on Merida Centro the next day.

Much to my surprise a young teenager and his mom shows up.

The guitar is in great shape and I hand him $600 Mexican Pesos which is about $30 USD.

My guitarra

I then took my guitarra back to my my hacienda rental nearby and looked up the contact details I saw on the label inside the guitar.

My guitarra was built west of México City at Guitarras La Purépecha. They make semi-artisanal guitarras.

Loving strumming it in the evening. Just don’t expect an album anytime soon.