But instead of pursuing a career in the NHS, Holly will not enter her second year of hospital training and will immediately take up an internship under her father’s eye.

“I’m leaving medicine next Tuesday to start working with my dad,” says Holly, who was yesterday watching the Cartier International tournament at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor. “It’s going to be an all-inclusive internship. He’s just offered me such an exciting opportunity I couldn’t turn him down.”

Holly, who has worked with both the elderly and in the neurology department at the Chelsea and Westminster, will now be learning the intricate ropes in her father’s multinational business.

“I trained very hard to get into medicine, so I won’t say I’ll never go back to it,” she tells me. “But I want to give this new project my all, so I’m deferring my medical training for a year.”

Despite his support for her medical career, Sir Richard has always wanted Holly and her younger brother Sam to be involved with Virgin. When she first qualified, she said her friends thought she was “mad” to choose to be a doctor over working for him.

Branson’s doctor in the house | Mail Online