Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Guidebook

Author Christopher Sherrod lived in Playa del Carmen for 2 and a half years. Where he lived like a king.

In this 45-page guidebook, he covers everything he learned in his 2 and a half years living there.Christopher had groceries delivered, laundry picked and delivered, personal drivers take me anywhere cheaper than renting or owning a car, maid service as often as wanted, and got restaurant delivered food all without any fancy apps that don’t work in this area of Mexico.


  • Where is Playa del Carmen & Area Map
  • Recommended areas to stay and where to avoid
  • Resources for moving, in-town transportation, airport transportation, events around town, and the fabulous restaurant scene
  • My favorite places – restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and Mayan Ruins and Cenotes.
  • Local Group to join
  • Scams to avoid – ATMs, tours, restaurants, sales, taxis, cops, and driving while gringo
  • And even some suggestions on how to introduce yourself to Playa

This 45-page guidebook with photographs covers everything Christopher learned in his 2.5 years living there.

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