I wanted a new goal to reach this last week. I only had one big dream, moving to Paris in 2012 but I needed another big dream in between. I started to get interested in boats again. Back in the mid 90’s while at American Express my entire cubicle was filled with pictures of sailboats. I wanted to own a 45 foot sailboat in the Caribbean and have The Moorings rent it out for me.

I gave up on that dream for many years.

But now it is back in full force.  I got a Sail Magazine and cut a bunch of pictures out and started putting them up. I did a lot of research on boat clubs and Yacht Chartering companies. I even visited a local boat club (Volente Boat Club) and had my picture taken next to the sailboat they have.

I’m feeling my way to what I want.

So what I learned this week is to review your dreams and pick something new if you are stuck. Something big and exciting and major. I have smaller goals as well but this new goal is very exciting to me.

My favorite Abundance Unlimited blog post this week. Why The Soft Launch is Smart weaves with this nicely. You have to feel your way to success and goals. Every big Internet Marketer I’ve meet felt their way to success, they started with soft launches and progressed. Got some nice feedback from some clients on it.