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Retirement From Clients

Gran Mal Seizure forced retirement

Hello to my family and friends.

I had a major health event a few weeks ago.

I had a seizure and freaked out my love Nan. Thank you to my love Nan for saving my life and some kind strangers that helped her.

I’ve been on vacation mode and completely offline since.

I’m not dying but the seizure did change some of my priorities. I’ve written down quite a few things I want to accomplish before I die. I’m going to be prioritizing those and working on having a fulfilling life which I have been pretty good about for a long time.

When I started passing out and I thought I was dying I didn’t have any regrets in life. Just how much me going was going to hurt the love of my life Nan. I love her so much and want to be with her for many more decades.

My seizure has given me some new abilities of creation which I want to explore. It’s been a big positive actually minus the drama of the event. I’m glad I have no memory of it. When you wake up and an entire restaurant of people are looking at you like you’re a miracle is very influencing.

I’m not going away anytime soon. It’s renewed my sense of purpose and has changed my priority list.


Above all is love and I love you all.

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