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Play Prosperity Games Dinner Party Testimonials

Testimonials from people that have played

My book I’ve been selling (for the last year) out of the trunk of my car “Play Prosperity Games”, a collection of fun games to create new business ideas based on what you love has been having some dinner parties where we create new business ideas together.

Some testimonials from recent games.

“Wonderful non-judgmental setting for safe brainstorming and masterminding. The group energy is loving and upbeat. A delightful evening of creativity, support and sharing.” - Joe Vitale, Wimberley, TX - JoeVitale.com

“Playing Prosperity games was a truly inspiring experience! Not only was it a ton of fun, it was also incredibly powerful. Ideas I NEVER would have conceived of came out and the process was easy. I had as much fun helping others brainstorm their ideas, as I did creating over 5 new ones myself! Play now!” – Nan Akasha, San Antonio, TX - NanAkasha.com

“The prosperity game night opened up a great flow of creativity for me. I enjoyed brainstorming to help other people with their ideas. I found my ideas during the dinner confirmed and sharpened my current focus and afterwards I had more ideas easily flood into me and I could see where they fit. A delightful side benefit of the dinner was to meet new people and make new friends. Thanks for such a neat way to spend an evening and expand my prosperity. – BZ Riger, Austin, TX

“This is a fascinating tool for brainstorming. Creative ideas, concepts and exploration.” – Henry Novak, Bastrop, TX

“I loved the energy that was created as a result of the intention that this night had and the one created by all who attended. I loved how it brought people together to exchange ideas and information to help each and everyone of us take that next step in materializing our dream projects and also for the opportunities that were created for future connections.” – Orsiola Mehmeti

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