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Mass Friend Removal on Facebook

Why I just removed 4589 friends on Facebook.

I just removed 4589 friends here on Facebook. All of them I didn’t know or remember. I did this because for the last two-plus years I haven’t marketed using my personal profile. Because I’ve found that actual direct marketing is way better and have actual marketing numbers, and I wanted Facebook to be actually useful for me personally. Seeing strangers posts about their lives was completely pointless. “I’m happy you got a raise at work, but I don’t care really because I don’t know you.”

Disclaimer for everyone thinking about doing this and especially my clients. This may not be a good idea for you. If you’re a social media manager, then posting personally on Facebook about your clients and results will help you get business. If you have just one ideal client profile, then working Facebook with your personal profile may work. And if you’re an author, and you only discuss your one niche you are in, then Facebook personal profile marketing may be a good idea for you. But, effective real marketing is way better. For someone like me with several products in different niches, it’s not effective to market personally.

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