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Articles & News Website is back

I've returned to writing personally

Years ago, I took my personal WordPress site down (with 750+posts) and put up a one-page bootstrap page because I couldn’t handle the WordPress maintenance after my gran mal seizure. I also closed two companies and left one. I focused on my health and relearning everything, it seems.

Now years later I have a blog personal website again as I get more into writing. My personal site has gone from over 750 posts from decades of writing to now seven. And it’s now using Hugo static website builder, so I still don’t have to worry about maintenance.

Personal knowledge mangement and note app Obsidian have been key to recovering from the major mind scramble a seizure is. I don’t know how I got anything done in the past without it. I’m glad I have it now.

And my wife helping me when I couldn’t even understand English. She found specialists and figured out how I could recover. I would be dead without her. Having a good woman in life is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so in love. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Plus, editing artificial intelligence helping me correct my writing has been really helpful.

I probably won’t blog a lot, just about my releases and major thoughts. I’m retired, so I’m doing nearly as much as I used to do.

Being a retired business owner means I can talk freely, which could be interesting.

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