About Christopher Sherrod

Early Life

Christopher Lee Sherrod (was born on 26 April 1970) in Columbus, Ohio USA, at a US Air Force base to Kent Sherrod and Carolyn Sherrod.

Christopher is a retired business owner and author.

He was raised in Anchorage and Eagle River, Alaska.

His father was an Air Force pilot and later salesperson, and his mother a high school teacher and later in the bank mortgage industry.

Christopher is part Cherokee and grew up summer camping in the family tipi in Alaska. Along with flying in the families small planes, Super Cub on floats, Cessna 170B tail dragger with stall wings and an experimentally pull-prop amphibian. He owned two wolves as pets.

Christopher developed an interest in entrepreneurship early by selling smelly erasers to schoolmates in elementary school with his best friend Mark Cook.

He took guitar lessons after school for a semester and didn’t pursue music until decades later.

At the age of 16 the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he finished high school.

In 1987, he went to Phoenix College and then Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Photography in 1991.


1992 - 1996 Manager and Software Tester

Christophers first few jobs were managing computers for a warehouse drop-shipping company and testing software for American Express.

1996 - 2016 Entrepreneur

On weekends, Christopher built a custom software app for Windows and Macintosh and sold it on weekends. After six months, he gave notice at American Express and went full-time Entrepreneur.

Christopher continued to sell software, developed a team in Manila, Philippines which designed websites and books for doctors and specialists, along, with consulting other businesses.

He hosted private dinner parties teaching his game model for creating new business ideas which was turned into his first book How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love.

Christopher won a publishing award in 2015 for helping others create their websites and self-published books.

2016- 2019 Sabbatical & Seizure

Christopher started an around the world trip after a minor seizure to see more of the world and wound up in MĂ©xico. He learned some more skills for an opening an import/export company when in 2019 he had a gran mal seizure.

2021 - Author and vlogger

After recovering from his seizure, he returned to writing and doing short vlogs for his expat lifestyle newsletter in his beloved MĂ©xico.

He published his 2nd book, Hiring Virtual Workers For Small Business that teaches how business owners can build their own team.

Business Philosophy

Christopher developed his business philosophy based on decades of various business models and consulting hundreds of clients. He wrote an article in 2018 on Dolphin Entrepreneur philosophy in business that he wrote for Social Capital Markets, formally Conscious Company Magazine.

Personal Life

After two minor seizures years earlier in 2019 Christopher had a massive gran mal seizure. Recover took two years, and he can only write a couple of hours a day.

Christopher married his long-time girlfriend Nancy during the 2020 pandemic at a private Maya cenote ceremony in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, MĂ©xico.


After many years of just being a big fan of all types of music, Christopher started recording his music under his artist name Chr1stopher in 2012. He composes simple electronic ambient music to relax to.


Keep up to date on Chris’ projects

I rarely email and it’s just for notifications when I launch a new book or project.

I never share my people’s email or contact information with anyone, ever.

I don’t market myself or monitize my notifcations lists, I freely share what has worked for me, not others.


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