With social media you have to resist the opportunity to “hard sell”.  It’s like used car sales people selling during a funeral.  Instead of getting clients, you just made sure that these people will never buy from you ever.  Why?  Because it is a against etiquette to do this during social occasions.  Social media is not so hard lined but close.  I’ve seen people sell right away with an auto message when I first started following them with buy my stuff.  Not cool.  I’ve even seen people harassing others for promoting their products on social networks.

Let’s look at Twitter a micro-blog that limits what you can type to 140 characters.  It’s growing quit fast 1300+% in the last year.  And like any other social media network or party you have to know how to handle yourself.

So how do you keep social in social media and still make money?  By being conversational.  Start off with offering expertise in your field.  Have a maintenance tip, or how to save money?  Tweet about it.  Act as if you were at a party.  If someone complains about something give a quick tip to solve it.  Comment on other’s tweets.  Only once you have established yourself as an interesting cool person can you then tweet something about your business.  Mix business tweets with conversational tweets.  And don’t tweet about everything you do.  Watch this video about how annoying that can be.

Mixing it up

So how do you get a good mix of tweets?  Keep 90%+ of what you share on Twitter of personal insights, tips, helpful links and thoughts and less than 10% of messages that directly benefit you like your business.  I do the old 80/20 rule but found that the 20% part of equation was way to much so I use the 90/10 rule for social media.

90% Helpful (Giving Back)

This should be made up of links and messages that help the people following you in doing something better.  Find cool items they would appreciate.  The more you can match what they find cool the better your buzz factor and the more people will visit your website, get on your email list and buy your stuff.  People should say to themselves “Hey, Chris always has good stuff!”  Get your followers in a habit of clicking on your links and reading your tweets and it’ll help you with the 10%.

10% You (Giving and Taking)

Once you have a good number of followers like 2000 and you have done a great job of providing really good content that your followers love, you can ask for them to check out your latest blog post or anything that benefits you.  With the 90/10 rule people will know you as a giver.  So when you do your 10% give it in a way that is a benefit to your followers.  Don’t make it a blatant advertisement.  Tweet about checking out your blog post or your free teleclass or webinar.  Use Twitter as a front end to your sales funnel.  People get used to you on Twitter and then check out your stuff on your websites before buying anything from you.

Is the 90-10 rule hard and fast?

No. It’s just a good rule of thumb.  I haven’t added up what I’ve done.  It’s just my basic plan.  Social media isn’t a science, but the 90/10 rule has helped me great deal prioritize what I post.  I use it to make sure I give way more than I take from Twitter.

Best tweets and time to tweet

Based on my experience the most effective time is 4:30 to 6pm ET.  I believe this is due to many people catching up on Twitter in the afternoon and evening.  I’ve also heard that very late at night or after midnight is good as people will see them in the morning before going to work.  This doesn’t work for how I schedule my day so I don’t have any personal experience.

The most common clicked tweets are statements and opening questions.  Using the word best, most, great, worst and how to helped a lot as well.  Just like blog post titles using these words create a lot of interest and people will click to read about it.

Tips for staying social:

  • Follow people who are in your niche
  • Meet others that have lists and can promote your product
  • Connect with other like you
  • Make friends and be genuine about it other social networking is not for you
  • Tweet cool web sites and resources
  • Don’t argue with people
  • Don’t use it for refund or disputes, call the company or person directly
  • Learn the art of the RT which stand for “retweet”.  When you retweet you are sharing that tweet with your list so they can see it.  If you share someone’s tweet they might share yours in the future.
  • Anything will be retweeted so write only things that you will be happy if retweeted
  • Watch people for at least a week before you get very active on twitter to learn what and how to do things.
  • Give first.  Offer to promote them before asking for them to promote you.
  • Offer viral ebooks and reports on Twitter.  A little report gets a better chance of retweeting than a big product.
  • Do not send a lot of messages without the @ symbol.  The @ symbol gets you involved in your followers.
  • Twitter from you mobile phone.
  • Inspire people to pursue what they know

Do not twitter all day long.  Use Twitter and don’t let it control you.  Otherwise you wind up like that person in the video above which will just annoy your followers.

If you’d like to “follow” me, just check out my twitter page and click on follow.  See you online.