I left a couple of hours ago for the Austin Warrior Event. A bunch of Internet Marketers getting together with 8 or 9 speakers. The speakers will be great. My friend Craig Perrine will be speaking plus a few I don’t know personally yet.

But, I think people miss the point of networking which is the most important part. My dad taught me many years ago that the meeting after the meeting is more important than the meeting. I thought it was good advice at the time and always did it, but now I see it being hugely true. So much so that skipping the meeting and just showing up after the meeting is sometimes all you need to do. I don’t recommend that but the meeting after the meeting is so very important.

So keep in mind that and go out with people afterward the meeting is over. Hang out. Go to dinner and drinks and even dancing. Have a good time, network, and make friends. That is how business is done. But, don’t take a no on a joint venture badly from someone. Thank them for the opportunity, be nice and maybe a future opportunity will work out for both of you.

Successful people get asked to do business a lot from newbies. Successful people have to say no, a lot. We can’t do business with every single person that talk to us. Sometimes you have to prove you are worthy. Sometimes it just has to be inspired and a right fit. I’m friends with several Internet Marketers and haven’t done business with some of them. I’m still friends with them and it is genuine. I care about what they are doing and wish them all the best. We just haven’t had a business relationship yet and may never. It is not the end of the world. There are plenty of people to do business with and forcing it will back fire on you so I don’t recommend it.

Come visit me in Austin and let’s do lunch and dinner, and drinks and dancing. 🙂