I just got this testimonial in.
Allen Sanders“Wow, the time Chris spent with me today was really eye-opening. I at one time had an assistant in my brick and mortar office, but since I went out on my own and work from my home now that hasn’t been possible. Chris showed me that a Virtual Assistant will be the way to go for now until I have my own office someday, and possibly even at that point. I am extremely excited about implementing this strategy for my business. Thanks Chris!”
Allen Sanders, President Empowerment Concepts, Financial Strategies You can quickly become overwhelmed in business and if you don’t handle it right you will lose a lot of opportunities.
In my Abundance Unlimited 2011 Real Online Business Profits Coaching Program I will teach you how to hire and train your next virtual assistant (VA). I have training videos that your new VA can watch to learn how to do many aspects of what you do or should be doing.
I also will tell you how to find and screen a good VA that will only cost you $400 to $600 full-time per month. I’ve personally done this many times over the last six years.
It’s crucial for your growth to get help and getting a VA is one of the first consultants you should hire when your business needs to.