New in iOS and iPadOS 13 is Voice Control which besides controlling your device with voice commands also allows you to do full dictation.

It’s actually very good and I’m currently using it right now for this and I am writing a book using it as well.

Go to settings and then accessibility and then voice control.

Turn on Voice Control and check out the commands you can have your device do.

This is different than the little microphone left of the space bar on the Apple Keyboard that would dictate for a couple of minutes and then quit. That’s been around for years.

Quick dictation option, not Voice Control dictation.

Voice Control dictation is full on dictation with commands like delete that, goto end of paragraph, select sentence and on and on. Many are replacing Dragon Dictate with this free included in the operating system option.

It’s will also be available on the new MacOS Catalina when it comes out in October 2019.

This is working really great for me and I’m able to write faster and more because of dictating. It’s changed everything for me.

Give it a try on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.