A friend had her Facebook account hacked into and after a month of trying Facebook to give her access back to her account she gave up and started a new Facebook profile. She lost a Facebook profile she had for something like 13+ years.

I helped her secure her important accounts and thought I would share what I did.

Besides using a different password for every single login and making the password very complicated, like 99 characters long of random letters, numbers and symbols. You can use Bitwarden or Lastpass to create and easily and securely store thousands of passwords. Just this step usually is enough. But, in this case it wasn’t.

So the next step, after making sure all your logins have a different long password is to use Google Authenticator for two factor authentication. After trying to login to a site or app with my password I get prompted for a code. I open Google Authenticator on my iPad (other devices work as well) and I type in the six-digit code for that site/app. The codes change every one or two minutes.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator on my iPad

And it’s a simple process to set up Google Authenticator as well.

Goto twofactorauth.org to find all the sites that support two factor authentication. Many support Google Authenticator, some have their own hardware device (like banks) or just SMS text codes.