Marketing in Pokemon Go

Jamba Juice Pokestop Offer
Pokemon Dracula

My favorite Pokemon “Dracula”

I got on Pokemon Go the day it launched so I could play it with my kids. They love Pokemon. And it has been very cool to see the most popular game become that in days. I’m currently level 10 and my favorite Pokemon is named Dracula and is almost ready for a showdown in a Pokemon Gym. My kids are loving the game and getting out of their homes more, they are in college and live out of state. So I’m thrilled they are getting out and meeting people. If they had dogs they would be very happy, they have cats who don’t notice when they are gone.

While playing Pokemon Go I started noticing small mom and pop shops start using it as a marketing tool about three days in. The cool hip places with hip owners. Like “Thirsty from Pokemon Go, come in for a cool drink”. Now the national chains are getting in on using Pokemon Go. I saw this sign this morning from Jamba Juice, a nationwide chain.

Jamba Juice Pokestop Offer

Jamba Juice Pokestop Offer

This is in my nearby shopping area with my basic places I goto almost daily, Starbucks this morning. I saw this sign while walking back to my car.

Storefronts that are near Pokestops are using Lures in the game at Pokestops to attract players. Lures can be left at a Pokestop for 30 minutes and they attract Pokemon to the general area which brings players.

For $99.99 worth of Lures you can have Pokemon Go attract potential clients for 84 hours. That’s $1.19 per hour for marketing and a $10 sign.
And with a sign like this you can convert those players to come enjoy something cool and refreshing.

Podcasting Blueprint is a best seller

Podcasting Blueprint

Podcasting BlueprintMy book Podcasting Blueprint became a #1 bestseller today.

My two books are both bestsellers.

  1. How To Create New Business Ideas
  2. Podcasting Blueprint

And I’ve been in 5 other best selling books, including:

  1. Wrote the foreword to Kent Sherrod’s book “Parenting With Love”
  2. “The Way Out” with Greg S. Reid
  3. Joe Vitale’s book “Zero Limits”
  4. Joe Vitale’s “Expect Miracles”
  5. David Mathison’s “Be The Media”

I’m super thrilled and very grateful for everyone for their support in making it all happen. My growing audience is wonderful and I appreciate every one of you.

P.S. Podcasting Blueprint has some very cool resources if you are at all interested in doing your own podcast.

P.P.S. Thanks again for everyone’s support. I really appreciate it.

Why a Harvard Degree is a Liability

The most popular article I’ve written is “High School Dropouts Are More Successful” that lists a very long list of dropouts that are very wealthy. In my conclusion I said:

More education doesn’t mean you’ll be more successful. It’s all about your drive. Your passion in life and sticking to it. Not necessarily playing it safe.  I’ve meet many people that have played it safe, with a good job and such and then retire broke.  Don’t play it safe.  Go for it like these people have.

PalihapitiyaOn Sunday at Harvard Chamath Palihapitiya, the founder of the venture capital fund Social+Capital Partnership gave a wake up call to elite entrepreneurs.

a prominent start-up investor had a sobering message for the elite entrepreneurs of Harvard: You are at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting capital.

“It’s really unfair to you guys, but I think you’re discriminated against now,” Chamath Palihapitiya, the founder of the venture capital fund Social+Capital Partnership, said at a conference organized by the business school’s venture capital and private equity club.

Referring to his colleagues in the venture capital industry, he added, “I would bet a large amount of money that the overwhelming majority of us would not look favorably on a company started by one of you.”

via Tech Investor to Entrepreneurs: A Harvard Degree Is a Liability –

You don’t have to be an elite tech founder/investor. You just need a cool idea and market it. The marketing of it is the most important part by far.

If you don’t know how to market, partner with someone that does. Almost everything I’ve done in business has been a partnership. You need to structure it right but it’s a great way to take advantage of everyone’s strengths. All of corporate America is a partnership of some type, where different people are doing different things.

And as the founder of a company/idea you can’t do everything, just enough to get started and off the ground. Whether your the techy or the marketing person, you can be successful by going out that and selling what you got and moving forward every day.

Musician partnered with United Nations

Here is a sign that electronic music is mainstream.

David Guetta is turning to Twitter for a good cause. The international DJ/producer has partnered with the United Nations for “The World Needs More. . .” campaign to help raise money for humanitarian needs around the world. Guetta and other global brands have sponsored words meaningful to them; each time that word is tweeted, $1 is unlocked for aid efforts.

Here’s the music video

Things have come along way for electronic music. I use to be the only one that I knew of that liked it. Now David Guetta is teaming with the United Nations. Can’t get much bigger than that. And major pop artists are teaming with electronic dance artists to get in front a new audience.

And this is why David is one of my favorite artists.

With album titles like Just a Little More Love and One Love under his belt, it’s no surprise that Guetta has sponsored the word ‘#Love.’ “There’s been a lot of my songs about love and that’s the kind of person that I am,” he told Rolling Stone. “It’s the biggest energy in the world. Universal love. Have a little bit of compassion and love for each other. Some people might find it cheesy, I don’t think that it is.”

I don’t find it cheesy either and why I work on my music everyday with my motto #AboveAllIsLove

I tweeted about it this morning. Come join me and David Guetta, United Nations and the rest of the world.

Read more:

Miley Cyrus is a marketing genius

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

So many people are shocked by Miley Cyrus and her latest album promotions.

She’s disgusting, too sexy, a whore.

I think she is a marketing genius.

People are shocked because she was a teen pop idol and now she’s a grown woman.

And she’s performing to get attention.


You make more money by being a sex symbol adult then staying a teen pop idol.

She was quoted as saying “I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you.” in Rolling Stone.

She is very aware of what she is doing. There is a master plan, she is following it.

You have to break out of the teen pop idol in order to grow your career. Getting stuck in that role will kill your potential and your bottom line. Plus, it’s no fun.

You have to stand up above the crowd of people that are all the same.

Having Sinead O’Connor or Taylor Swift diss you in public is fantastic. It is getting her more press.

You also have thick skin as a bunch of people are going to criticize you. And if no one is criticizing you then you suck. Period.

Many people can’t survive the criticize. It’s stressful. So doing this route has some risk, but it works.

Missing The Father of Guerilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson with Nan Akasha

Jay Conrad Levinson with Nan Akasha

The father of guerrilla marketing Jay Conrad Levinson passed from this realm yesterday.

He wrote the book “Guerilla Marketing”.

That was the first book I read on marketing.

After a horrible marketing class in college about corporate branding and stuff that really doesn’t work for any business except for the top 1% of business I really thought “Guerilla Marketing” was the absolute best.

Actual real marketing advice that I could actually do.

No focus on branding, and multi-million dollar ads campaigns, but stuff a small business could do.

It changed my direction in life.

I started a software business while working at American Express. And I applied “Guerilla Marketing”. Been doing it ever since.

Last year I had the priviledge of meeting Jay and his lovely wife Jeannie at a marketing seminar.

He was amazing. And a really nice guy with a great family.

I will miss you Jay.


My partner is in Fast Company

Nan Akasha in Fast Company August 2013 issue
Nan Akasha in Fast Company August 2013 issue

Nan Akasha in Fast Company August 2013 issue

My partner is in Fast Company magazine on newsstands now as a top business leader.

It’s actually a lot of work to get into Fast Company.

We set our intention to get into something big. Some magazine on every newsstand that fit the Nan Akasha brand.

Fast Company is one of my favorite business magazines and it fits Nan’s brand so we went for that.

I’ve know how to do this for years, however I didn’t approve this effort until I was comfortable with monetizing it.

I’ve meet so many people that have gotten in big movies, books and magazine and barely survive because they had no way to make money from the exposure.

It’s great to brag about don’t get me wrong. But, it needs to make money.

I don’t see much point on being popular if you can’t make any money from it.

It’s great for the ego, but that doesn’t last long. I would rather have the money. And since I live in a abundant world, I would like both fame and money.

So, we focused on Fast Company. And got her in the issue.

If you are starting out and doing personal branding like we are with Nan then you want to focus on making money first, then add your website, your own book, telesummits, radio, stages, magazines, tv, etc. The more money and how quickly you make it the faster you can go thru that progression.

It was a hoot to see Nan holding Fast Company in our local bookstore. A great day and a great dinner to celebrate.

Side note: It’s easy to market the best in the world. I have that pleasure with me and Nan’s company.

Never give up with RE/MAX co-founder

Chris with co-founder of RE/MAX David Liniger

Chris with co-founder of RE/MAX David Liniger

I had the pleasure of seeing David Liniger co-founder of RE/MAX speak recently. That’s me and him afterwards.

He told his story which is in his new book “My Next Steps” which I got autographed by him. An amazing story of how he owned one of the largest private companies in the world and could literally buy everything. And then how he lost the ability to move, literally move. And how he with the same tenacity to build a huge business overcame his paralysis.

At the end of his talk he had everyone stand and said that he would have given up his vast fortune and his business to have the riches we had to just stand a year ago.

I felt like the biggest loser in that I give up way before he does. And that is the difference between our incomes. I’ve stepped up since his inspiring talk.

Check out his book, very inspiring. A great business hero.

The Art of Sushi Lessons For Business

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of SushiI recently watched the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi“. It’s about an 85 year old Sushi chef Jiro Ono in Tokyo. The Japanese food writer Masuhiro Yamamoto in the movie summed up what it takes to be a great chef. I think the points apply to business as well.

  1. Always serious and focused on high performance
  2. Looking to improve their skills every time
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Impatience, stubborn and always needing to have things their own way
  5. And the above combined with great passion

And if you are not interested in what you are doing in business or life you can’t have a great passion for it. You have to focus on it. It really comes down to making an effort and repeating the same thing every day.

If you don’t have a passion for your business you won’t make it. You have a hobby. You can’t just focus on the “thing” you do. You have to focus on the business and actually making money. It’s mandatory you care about what the business provides, it’s critical actually. But you can’t just make the world’s best sushi and hope you make money.

Jiro loves everything about his Sushi restaurant. He’s passionate about sushi and providing the best.

The number one reason I wrote my book “Creating New Business Ideas” which steps you thru a system of how to create new business ideas based on what you love is because I saw so many unsuccessful people in business who were doing businesses that they didn’t love and then wondering why they were not successful. You must love your business so much that will it to thrive and will do somethings to be successful that you would never have thought you could do. And you’ll love doing it all.

Sukiyabashi-Jiro in Tokyo is now on my bucket list of great restaurants I want to eat at.