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I’m not a techy

By April 20, 2017 No Comments
I was recently told that I’m a complete failure at being a techy. And I completely agree. Because, I’m not a techy. I have a business degree. I’ve never said I’m a techy. My partner has told people that I’m a techy because well let’s face it when I meet her she could barely turn her computers on in her office. I did her first website design, for free. And I got a free dinner for fixing her computer. We later started dating and we are very happy together.
I’ve had people say I’m a techy too because I’m a big believer in systems. A business is essentially a system made up of people and software. If anything I’m a systems guy. And so I do know about software to get things done but I’m not a techy. I don’t know how to program and if I did, it would break. Back in the 90’s when I started out after college I did have to do some programming. It was an epic disaster. I was working at American Express and I weekly broke the “build” when they would compile the last AOL check your card balance app. I was famous for it. I had to remind my boss that I was a system tester and shouldn’t be programming in the first place and that I was “volunteered” to program because I was the senior guy at the age of 25 there. Having me program was of course a big mistake.
On the side during nights and weekends I did write a software program in what’s called a 4G programming system which means I drew the buttons and text fields on a window and it generated the code and compiled it, I had to write very little code which was easy. The program did well in the market. I quit AMEX and became a full-time entrepreneur and have been one ever since. But I outsource all techy things since 1999 when I learned about that when working at AMEX. Thank you AMEX.
So no I’m not a techy. And even as an entrepreneur I haven’t sold a techy product in many many years. I focus on spiritual and self-help products and services and occasionally on the side help others systemize what they do as long as it’s cool.
I do like techy things. Totally love my AppleTV and I have no desire to program anything for it. My iPhone is full of apps, totally love trying out new ones. I geek out looking at the latest tech stuff at Product Hunt. Seriously some great stuff there. You can see my favorite picks at

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