What business can learn from Wonder Woman hit movie

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman movie is a huge sign that people want things that matter. It isn’t all about how fast the superhero can fight. It’s about doing the right thing and doing it well.

The director of the movie wanted this film to be the best superhero movie, not the best women lead superhero movie directed by a woman. But the best superhero movie. Big difference. Doing the right thing like have a woman power affirming movie that influences women and especially girls to know they can be the hero, they can be anything they want to be. But, it won’t have the impact if the movie wasn’t done really really well. And it was.

Spoiler alert below.

What makes this movie different than any other superhero movie is love. The two main characters fall in love. Love is the basis of her core belief. Sure she kicks bad guy ass and does it with flair, it’s amazing. But, a superhero that talks about love? That’s never been done like this.

Hollywood will take notice. Woman and men have shown that they are willing to spend a lot of money on films made by women, about women.

And business take notes, doing the right thing makes money because people want the right thing done and are willing to pay for it.

Can’t wait for Wonder Woman 2.

Stepped Into Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Back in 2016 I took part in a Native American ceremony and had some major visions.  It was an interesting night.

Someone in our small group part way into the ceremony continuous kept saying “I just want to know the truth.” I thought it was going to ruin my ceremony even though I was trying to focus and get my experience out of it.

He was so loud that the shaman went over several times to get him to quiet him down. It didn’t work. She got to a point where she said “You are ruining my ceremony”. And he quietly did say a word the rest of the night. Her fantastic leadership skills on how she handled the situation started bringing up leadership visions up in me. Times where I did great at leadership and times when I didn’t. And times where a leader let me down. I had that a few months before this ceremony when a leader I looked up to completely blew it. I had visions on how I would have handled it.

Then that vision lead me to seeing Necker Island from above and I flew down and into Richard Branson. I literally became Richard Brandon. I walked around as him. I instantly knew his leadership style, how he thought and how he would handle situations. He was talking to some fellow entrepreneurs when he noticed some had run out their drink. He got up and walked over the house manager and said me and my friends would like a refill. His attitude was that the house manager was the boss. The house manager was in charge and Richard was coming to him like any of the other guests asking for something. Richard’s attitude was being the guest. And it would be that since Richard is a systems entrepreneur.

The experience was so deep. I literally felt like Richard Branson. It was greatly influenced my life. My leadership style as changed to be more systems driven and to help my team get things done smoothly and with some fun. I make them responsible for doing things and give them systems to get it all done. When people are in charge of an area they make it work, they do what’s best. You just have to hire people that care about what they do.

I’m not a techy

I was recently told that I’m a complete failure at being a techy. And I completely agree. Because, I’m not a techy. I have a business degree. I’ve never said I’m a techy. My partner has told people that I’m a techy because well let’s face it when I meet her she could barely turn her computers on in her office. I did her first website design, for free. And I got a free dinner for fixing her computer. We later started dating and we are very happy together.
I’ve had people say I’m a techy too because I’m a big believer in systems. A business is essentially a system made up of people and software. If anything I’m a systems guy. And so I do know about software to get things done but I’m not a techy. I don’t know how to program and if I did, it would break. Back in the 90’s when I started out after college I did have to do some programming. It was an epic disaster. I was working at American Express and I weekly broke the “build” when they would compile the last AOL check your card balance app. I was famous for it. I had to remind my boss that I was a system tester and shouldn’t be programming in the first place and that I was “volunteered” to program because I was the senior guy at the age of 25 there. Having me program was of course a big mistake.
On the side during nights and weekends I did write a software program in what’s called a 4G programming system which means I drew the buttons and text fields on a window and it generated the code and compiled it, I had to write very little code which was easy. The program did well in the market. I quit AMEX and became a full-time entrepreneur and have been one ever since. But I outsource all techy things since 1999 when I learned about that when working at AMEX. Thank you AMEX.
So no I’m not a techy. And even as an entrepreneur I haven’t sold a techy product in many many years. I focus on spiritual and self-help products and services and occasionally on the side help others systemize what they do as long as it’s cool.
I do like techy things. Totally love my AppleTV and I have no desire to program anything for it. My iPhone is full of apps, totally love trying out new ones. I geek out looking at the latest tech stuff at Product Hunt. Seriously some great stuff there. You can see my favorite picks at

Career more important than love?

benita abraham

Benita Abraham is getting a lot of buzz for her photos she had done of her with her job acceptance letter she got for her dream job.

She found her soulmate of a company and got a friend to do a photoshoot to record her new status just like an engagement shoot except instead of her mate it’s the job offer letter.

benita abraham

Benita Abraham said yes to job offer

Why did this go viral?

Why is celebrating your job position unusual?

For Miss Abraham and many others, their careers are very important. It defines us.

And I think people are picky about what they do. Taking on a job has to have meaning. Doing something great that means something.

It is as important as who you fall in love with.

When at a party and you meet someone for the first time the very first question is almost “So, what do you do?”. Almost never, are you married?

And it’s one of the major achievements you have in life.

So, I think Miss Abraham doing a photoshoot is totally appropriate.

And I hope it encourages more people to celebrate their business careers more. May we all celebrate our major moments in life.

Business Sharks vs Dolphins

Shark vs Dolphin

Shark vs DolphinIn the last year I broke off associating with or doing business with sharks in business.

About a year ago I had a falling out with two separate sharks one day after another that was not pleasant. I just had enough of the backstabbing, lack of communication and lying.

I started focusing on people I like and that I thought were honest.

Supermensch: The Legend of Seth GordonI started focusing on being a mensch which is Yiddish for good friend. I wanted to be a SuperMensch. I watched a documentary called SuperMensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon. It’s about Shep a successful businessman who strived to make every business deal a win-win-win. For instance, when a celebrity friend wanted to get married at his home in Hawaii but didn’t want the aggressive paparazzi to ruin the day, he created a deal where everyone won. Shep made a deal with one of the photographers to come in and take one photo of the happy couple, make sure other photographers didn’t barge in and give a part of what the photographer would make off the photo to a local charity. That’s a win-win-win.

Thru my publishing company I’m publishing transformational books that help a related charity. Plus we plant a bunch of trees for each book launch. The client wins, my company wins, a related charity wins plus the earth wins.

I also started having mastermind dinners at my home with people that I meet in business that I thought were cool. Just like-minded people getting together to eat and talk business. The focus is how we can help each other. So many connections were made that people asked me to continue them on a regular basis.

Dolphins are people that want to do business with you for the good of everyone.  Where we are going for a win-win-win scenario.

My rather unhappy experiences dealing with sharks is that they try to work around you on deals. Talk bad about you at a business event within earshot of you. Backstab. Posture and lie about how successful they are and talk bad about people to posture themselves as being more successful.

Even sharks don’t trust sharks. If you are a shark you swim along afraid of who is going to attack you next.

Dolphins are the only animal (non human) that have successfully attacked sharks. Dolphins have come to the aid of humans and driven away sharks including the Great White Shark.

But dolphins can’t do it alone. They have to join forces.

And that is what I’ve done. I’ve joined forces with other dolphins in business.

Now when I look back at the business coaches me and my partner Nan Akasha had in the past I just laugh. They were sharks building a community of fish that they would harvest and if you said no they would attack and NLP their ass off to keep their group intact. The insights were severely lacking and their NLP excuses unbelievable. Everything they suggested was the best option for them and not us. I didn’t feel it was coaching at all but a personality cult. And leaving was like leaving a cult, painful but totally worth it. I learned so much with that experience of how I want to help in business and society that I’m glad it happened.

Posturing is a huge problem in coaching, many are so good at it they forget that they are actually lying. They call it being a leader. If you go on stage and tell people a lie because it postures you as a leader, you are not a leader, you are a liar.

I know the TV show Shark Tank is popular. I’ve watched it and enjoyed it plus purchased items that I though were cool.  They hold up these leaders as being who you should grow up to be. But it’s a TV show. It’s done for drama. Reality in business is done with like minded people, a team. But that doesn’t make for good TV. I bet all those business leaders act like sharks to maintain status but in reality are really good with people and are dolphins.

Donald Trump is a great case for this. His public image is one thing, but how he does business is entirely another.

Sometimes you want a shark on your team to get certain necessary business items done, but they need to be contained and limited so they don’t go nuts. Better to have an enlightened shark with limiters who understands being agressive but not over doing it.

To the last major “shark coach” my partner fired for gross incompetence…I thank you. I thank you for opening my eyes back to what I knew. Back to how business is done, by showing me how it should never be done.

I’m a dolphin and I’m damn proud of it.

Podcasting Blueprint is a best seller

Podcasting Blueprint

Podcasting BlueprintMy book Podcasting Blueprint became a #1 bestseller today.

My two books are both bestsellers.

  1. How To Create New Business Ideas
  2. Podcasting Blueprint

And I’ve been in 5 other best selling books, including:

  1. Wrote the foreword to Kent Sherrod’s book “Parenting With Love”
  2. “The Way Out” with Greg S. Reid
  3. Joe Vitale’s book “Zero Limits”
  4. Joe Vitale’s “Expect Miracles”
  5. David Mathison’s “Be The Media”

I’m super thrilled and very grateful for everyone for their support in making it all happen. My growing audience is wonderful and I appreciate every one of you.

P.S. Podcasting Blueprint has some very cool resources if you are at all interested in doing your own podcast.

P.P.S. Thanks again for everyone’s support. I really appreciate it.

Leading With Heart And Being Strong

Me and my partner Nan Akasha hosted our BlissLife Business School here right on the water in San Diego this last weekend. We took all of our experience and made an event that we would want to go to ourselves. I was blessed to experience our elite bliss nation people and have a fantastic time growing our businesses and our minds and souls.

Several students came up to be about how Nan & I are very authentic. We are not being fake. And that is a big part of who I am. I really dislike fake people ( I have a personally issue with using the word hate ). I especially dislike them if they are a coach, so we strive to be real and loving. We have to be strong in order to help you get your best results, and real with you but not be a Drill Sergeant about it. Nan is excellent at being a strong coach, keeping it real and at the same time be lovely that you know she really cares.

Thank you to everyone that came out and see you on the next call.


Nan Akasha leading an exercise

BlissLife Business School 2015

BlissLife Business School 2015


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Big banks vs regional

I have a great aunt with a lot of money.  She has many many accounts in many banks with no more than $100,000 USD in each because that is the limit the FDIC Insurance will pay.  Not many know this, but yes there is limit.  So if you have a lot of money use different accounts and banks.

Also be careful what banks you use.  Many are going out of business.  Big rumors of another big one going under soon.  Don’t ask me who.  And many many regional banks are going out of business.

This story about Virgin Atlantic is sobering.  Richard Branson’s main bank came to the rescue.  Looks like big big banks are going to be the survivors.

“Virgin Atlantic may have disappeared if HBOS had gone, it could have been that serious,” Sir Richard said, adding it would have been “no fault of our own”.

In an interview with Fox News he said: “HBOS looked like it was going to go bankrupt in Europe so Virgin Atlantic rings up HBOS, we have a billion pounds on deposit – not really our money, it’s people who’ve bought tickets, people who’ve bought holidays – and we said, ‘We want it out. We want to move it to another bank.’

“They said, ‘Well, we actually, er,… Look at the small print, you can’t have it out right now.’.”

He went on: “And now, fortunately, Lloyds (TSB) bank made a bid for them and we got our money out.”

Sir Richard made the comments as he explained why he thought governments, both in the US and the UK, should guarantee “all of their depositors’ money in banks”.

Sir Richard Branson: HBOS Collapse Could Have Wiped Out Virgin | Business | Sky News.